Every cargo that can be transported in one piece is called consolidated cargo, as instance barrels, boxes, pallets, etc.. Things like liquids, sand, coal or grain are not defined as consolidated cargo, unless they are specially packed. Consolidated cargo is shipped through our consolidated cargo network, which consists of more than 3500 vehicles. During the last year our partners conducted more than 15 million consolidated cargo shipments. If you book a general cargo shipment you can ship a maximum of six pallets with a maximum weight of 1200 kg, a maximum length of 4.1 m and a maximum height of 2.2 m. The loading and unloading times are specified by our shipping partners and generally take place between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.. In addition, you have the option to upgrade your shipment to an express shipment. Here you have the choice between a normal "express delivery", where your goods are picked up the next day and delivered the following day by 4pm latest and a "morning express delivery", where the freight is also picked up the next day, but already delivered by 10am latest on the following day.